Former Cuban political prisoners in Spain send Open Letter to Barack Obama

A group of former Cuban political prisoners requested in an Open Letter to Barack Obama, the humanitarian gesture of being received in the United States.

In a document sent by the former political prisoner Armando Alcántara to the writing of Universo Increible, the signatories denounce that “… We had in the penitentiaries, where we were serving our sentence, the option of emigrating into exile or staying on the island until the end of our days. long penalties. This communication of option reached each and every one of the Cuban political prisoners, from the office of Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, communicated by ‘this and in other cases by his pastoral secretary, Monsignor Orlando Márquez, who informed us, and I quote verbatim: “You. Given the efforts made by the Catholic Church in Cuba with the Spanish government and that of the Republic of Cuba, he will be granted exile (Spain) in the next 72 hours. You will have the possibility to travel with 6 or 8 close relatives. If you do not accept this proposal, you know the years that remain to expire the sanction and I believe that you will have to comply with them in the regime that has been imposed. (So ​​far the quote) … ”

In the Open Letter to Barack Obama, the former political prisoners state that they preferred to accept exile, with the conditions promised by the Zapatero socialist government, in agreements with the political and religious authorities of Cuba.

“… We arrived in Spain from the month of (July 2010 to April 8, 2011) a total of 115 former Cuban political prisoners and a total of 606 relatives, of which about 70 political exes remained in Spain, accompanied by some 500 relatives, since the rest of our brothers were welcomed in the United States for several months… ”, the letter continues.

“… Today our situation in Spanish territory is burdensome, facing a series of problems of uncertainty, total helplessness and defenselessness, highly critical and depressing, since the serious economic crisis that Spain faces with an unemployment rate that it is 24.4%, a legacy received from the political-economic mismanagement of the outgoing Spanish government,… ”continues the Open Letter to Barack Obama by a large group of exiled Cuban ex-political prisoners.

Later on, the signatories assure that “We did not come to Spain to live at the expense of the work of others, we did not come to this nation to commit crimes, or to create social chaos for the current government, we did not enter this country illegally, we want to be welcomed and with our own effort and sacrifice to find a decent job, to integrate ourselves into society, but this, for us is a frustrated dream, it is something distant unattainable at least for several years, given the well-known stage of economic crisis and turbulence that we are experiencing Spain, a nation which at the time made a gesture of goodwill towards us and today it must be recognized that its acute economic problems overwhelm its own fellow citizens … ”

In the Open Letter of the former Cuban political prisoners they reiterate their request to be admitted to the United States to President Barack Obama, and express in advance “… allow us to express our gratitude. We thank you in advance for the attention you pay to our experience of helplessness, and to the request that we send to you for reception and humanitarian refuge in your great national land of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King ”

“We sincerely sign this, the former Cuban politicians exiled in Spain:

1. Armando Alcántara Clavijo

2. Randy Cabrera Mayor

3.Ramon Fidel Basulto García

4.Ricardo Galván Casals

5. Mario Alberto Pérez Aguilera

6.Carlos Luis Diaz Fernandez

7.Emilio Pérez Díaz

8. Juan Luis Rodríguez Desdin

9.Julio César Gálvez

10.Fidel Francisco Rangel Sánchez

11.Pavel Hernandez Manfarrol

12.Luis Caro Chavez

13. Luis Campo Corrales

14.Lazaro Alejandro Garcia Farah

15.Arturo Suarez Ramos

16.Jose ‘Luis Rodriguez Chavez

17. Juan Antonio Bermudez Toranzo

18. Ernesto Duran Rodriguez

19 Luis Mariano Deliz Utria

20.Orestes Paino Viera

21. Eduardo Diaz Castellano

22.Osbel Valle Hernandez

23. Rene Amor Gonzalez

24. Juan Ramon Rivero Despaigne

25. Nestor Rodriguez Lobaina

26.Agustin Cervantes Garcia

27.Jose ‘Sardiñas Martin

28. Juan Carlos Vazquez Garcia

29. Enrique Martinez Martinez

30. Roberto Lopez Rodriguez

31. Lazaro Ricardo Chacon Orduñez

32.Daviel Gainza Leiva

33. Maikel Pedroso Bocourt

34. Omar Pernet Hernandez

35.Yoel Rodriguez Izquierdo

36.Randol Roca Mursuly

37. Osvaldo Gonzalez Montesinos

38 Douglas Faxas Rosabal

39.Yoel Gonzalez Perez

40.Ciro Santana Perez

41. Antonio Rodriguez Almaguer

42. Adrian Alvarez Arencibia

43. Rafael Jorrin Garcias

44. Orlando Fundora Alvarez

45.Jose ‘Manuel De La Rosa Perez

46. ​​Antonio Garcia Reyes

47.Erick Caballero Martinez

48.Arnaldo Marquez Gil

49. Jorge Luis Adan Gonzalez

And other brothers for a total of 62 former political prisoners.

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