Elite units of the Black Wasps of Cuba arriving in Caracas (Interv)

The Havana regime applies a new version of the Prague Spring to the people of Venezuela with the dispatch of the elite units known as the Black Wasps, belonging to the Armed Forces, says Uberto Mario, a Cuban journalist who closely follows the political crisis in the country.

The Prague Spring is remembered as one of the chapters of occupation of the Soviet army in the former socialist countries, which were part of the Warsaw Pact.

He assures that Castro will do what needs to be done to prevent the rich oil country from escaping his control.

The sending of the Black Wasps is a reflection of Havana’s nervousness about the events that are taking place in Venezuela.

The official clothing consists of a camouflage suit, a red beret and the shield of a black wasp with the stinger ready to attack, on an armband. In the case of professional members, a “Professional” call sign is added on the bracelet.

It is important to note that the red beret is not always used since for camouflage reasons it is not highly recommended to use it in the jungle and it is replaced by a dark green hood. They also learn masking techniques.

The “Black Wasps” work in subgroups made up of 5 members, who can be men or women. His base is in the area of ​​El Mariel, current province of Havana and his training camp is called El Cacho, in the province of Pinar del Río, his training is rigorous.

The “Black Wasps” have received training from officers of the Vietnamese special forces and Russian Spetsnaz, they learned to communicate and move silently through narrow tunnels underground.

In Venezuela they have the mission of mixing in the demonstrations where they wait for orders to act.

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