For veteran actor Raúl Xiqués, having acted alongside leading figures such as Gina Cabrera, Raquel Revuelta, Margarita Balboa, and Enrique Santiesteban, among others, were one of the best moments in his professional career.

Born in Cumanayagua, in a family of musicians and actors, one day he went out to try his luck in the best he knew how to do, and with a handsome face he arrived in the Cuban capital.

But then he did not stop and continued to Venezuela, where he acted for almost 25 years on television, to finally arrive in Miami, where he was recently on the soap opera Eva Luna.

Of all those moments, of how his colleagues Julito Martínez, Raquel Revuelta and Gina Cabrera were, he tells us with the wonderful memory of having had excellent colleagues with whom he initially learned and later shared.

The interview was conducted at his home, where he has an excellent time in his 80s, with the freshness of someone who has gone through this life leaving a mark among friends and fans.

We invite you to enjoy the memories of this great Cuban actor who claims to be available for new challenges.

Outside of the interview, he clarified to me that this is how those from Cumanayagua are, always optimistic. I thought it was excellent!

Here is the personal story of Cuban actor Raúl Xiqués.

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