Union of Cubans in Ecuador asks Rafael Correa for urgent help

in an open letter, the Union of Cubans in Ecuador, representative of several hundred citizens of the Caribbean island, urgently asks the Ecuadorian president for help with the aim of being recognized as immigrants with rights to settle in the country.

Open letter

“The Ecuadorian press, mainly the newspaper El Comercio, has published many articles by Cuban immigrants who have lived here in Ecuador for a few years now and we are very grateful to them for these articles, but we would like to get this letter published, in order to to be able to legally establish ourselves in the country.

I am one of the Cuban immigrants who have been here in this country for more than three years. We came to improve our life and that of our family that thank God we are already together but we live a brutal hell, the government does not manifest itself at all for trying to legalize us and have the rights that every human being has the right (work, health, studies and social security)

We are discriminated against and we are exploited in every way for not having documents, we are marginalized.

We left Cuba looking for a better life! Ecuador is a wonderful country with a lot of culture and we would like to feel part of it as Latinos that we are!

Enough is enough that our countrymen continue to expose themselves to the long journey of reaching the United States out of the desperation of being undocumented here, of not having the right to anything and of always being with a scare in our hearts for not having, worth the redundancy right to nothing, it is time for this democratic government, as it claims to be that defends so much the human rights of immigrants in this country, to speak out for us Cubans that we do not want to and cannot return to Cuba because, incredibly, despite all things We live in a better country than ours that is full of limitations and shortages of many basic and necessary things.

Please Mr. Constitutional President of the Republic of Ecuador, Mr. Rafael Correa do something for us, you are very sympathetic to our country but do something for these Cubans who live here and all we want is to help contribute to the development of this wonderful country and let us live in peace as all human beings in this world have!

Immigration has existed for many years, I would say better than centuries ago and it is the right of every human being to live where they feel good! “

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